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[Update: I wrote a post on how to fix the same issue on the Raspberry Pi 2.]

After opening the packaging on my brand new Raspberry Pi B+ and checking out the updated component layout, I was obviously pumped to boot it up! I quickly grabbed a 700 milli-amp power supply, wrote a copy of Raspbian from 01-07-14 to a microSD card, plugged the Pi into my LAN, connected power, and thought I was good to go.


My Pi wasn’t taking a DHCP lease from the router like it should, so I assumed it wasn’t booting. This time, I was right. The green and red lights would illuminate, but the green light would quickly fade. Only a solid red light remained lit. Also, the two lights around the LAN connection were both off.

My first three assumptions were:

  • The Pi needed more power. A 5V/ 2Amp power supply is recommended, and the one I first tried to use was only 700 milli-amps.
  • The disk image was too old for the B+. I had a copy of the 01-07-14 Raspbian image on my computer, and didn’t feel like downloading a new version.
  • The Pi is…..broken? 

First, I connected a higher amperage power supply to the Pi. Same problem.

Secondly, I updated the disk image to a newer version of Raspbian. I had my model B kicking around, so I booted it from the 01-07-14 version and ran three commands:


sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo raspi-update


Once the boot disk was fully updated, I transferred it back to the Model B+. The Pi immediately booted and took a DHCP lease from the router.


What I learned, and may be unclear elsewhere: 

The Pi Model B+ will boot and operate fine with a 0.7 amp power supply. 

You need the newest update of Raspbian (or other flavor of Linux) for the Raspberry Pi Model B+. To update, run the previous commands on an older Pi or just download the newest disk image. 

  • james w

    nice solve my friend, have used the original RPi for several projects and just got the B+ from Sparkfun and was attempting to boot it for the first time using an old debian image and I was getting nothing at all. Couldnt tell if it was the card or a bad board or what, your post was one of the first on google and you were right. Tried the most updated version of Raspbian and it booted, thanks! Check out my stuff here if you are interested:

    • James, I’m glad I could help. You have some awesome projects going!

      • james w

        thanks Jacob! I love building cool little smart devices